Catie Ridewood

Catie Ridewood

Catie was born and raised in South London, before moving to New York in her late teens to live and study for 4 years. She previously worked behind the scenes in film and tv production, in corporate event management, and as a paralegal. These experiences have given her focus, determination and stamina which she now applies to her acting career. Catie hosts YouTube channel, catiewahwah, where she shares her love of vinyl records and pop culture with over 5000 subscribers. She is passionate about telling underrepresented stories, and hopes to use her own voice to help amplify these perspectives.

Spotlight PIN: 3735-1207-5473

Location: Brighton and Hove & Greater London
Playing age: 20-30 years
Height: 5'3" (161cm)
Nationalities: British
Appearance: White, Eastern European, Scandinavian
Eye colour: Heterochromia/Mixed
Hair colour: Red/Titian
Vocal range: C3 to E6

Equity Member




THE ALCHEMIST (Stage) Dol Common ACT Paul Tripp
LANDMINES (Stage) Chantal/Esther/Lexi ACT Mark Carroll
TWO (Stage) Maudie/Fred ACT Jules Craig
CATHY (Stage) Danielle ACT Paul Tripp

Graduate Showcase 2021

Michael Bucke Ela Chapman Tia Dunn
Sam Hauschild Charlie Hesketh Michael Knighton
William MacNair Maisie O'Malley Catie Ridewood
Emma Walsh