Ela Chapman

Ela Chapman

Ela is a passionate performer, previously trained in ballet and musical theatre, but whose real love is acting. Intuitive, inquisitive and empathetic, Ela brings energy and superb physical skills to the rehearsal room. Her youthful appearance enables her to play teenagers but Ela excels at playing strong, gritty, complex characters and so has a wide casting range. She also has a wonderful, soprano singing voice. Determined and ambitious, Ela is intent on building an exciting career in the industry across stage, screen, musical theatre and is open to alternative and experimental performing arts genres.

Spotlight PIN: 7899-8973-3622

Location: Brighton and Hove & Greater London
Gender: Female
Actual age: 23 years 2 months
Playing age: 15-20 years
Height: 5’5” (165cm)
Nationalities: British
Appearance: White
Eye colour: Brown
Hair colour: Dark Brown
Vocal range: E3 to D6

Equity Member




THE ALCHEMIST (Stage) Dame Pliant ACT Paul Tripp
LANDMINES (Stage) Scarlett ACT Mark Carroll
PYGMALION (STAGE) Eliza Doolittle ACT William Ellis

Graduate Showcase 2021

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