Maurice Turnbull

Maurice Turnbull

Maurice is a young actor with great potential. Growing up in Switzerland, with British parents, enabled Maurice to be fluent in English, German and Swiss German. Aged 21, he moved to the UK to train as an actor and he completed three years of study with ACT in July 2020.

Maurice is passionate about theatre and his ambition is to forge a successful career as a stage actor whilst being open to opportunities on screen. He brings a lovely open quality to his work and excels in playing vulnerable characters with a dark underside.

Spotlight PIN: 9499-6720-6514

Location: Brighton and Hove, England, United Kingdom. Zürich District, Zurich, Switzerland
Height: 5'10" (178cm)
Playing Age: 20 - 28 years
Appearance: White
Nationality: British, Swiss
Languages: English, German, Swiss-German

Equity Member



2019, Stage, Yasha, THE CHERRY ORCHARD, Academy of Creative Training, Sian Webber
2019, Stage, Mr Sands, THE ROOM, Academy of Creative Training, Marc Burgees
2019, Stage, Skin Lad / Mr & Mrs Bald, ROAD, Academy of Creative Training, Paul Tripp
2019, Stage, Will Mossop, Hobson’s Choice, Academy of Creative Training, Will Ellis
2018, Stage, The Passenger, TERRORISM, Academy of Creative Training, Daniel Finlay
2017, Stage, Market Trader, FUGEE Academy of Creative Training, Paul Tripp

Graduate Showcase 2020

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