William MacNair

William MacNair

Prior to actor training, William qualified as a carpenter and builder, work he found varied and worthwhile. He is a skilled athlete, with a keen interest in biomechanics and the human body, which informs his wonderful talent for Physical Theatre. William brings an infectious energy and vivacity to the rehearsal room and is hard working, compassionate and enthusiastic. An avid video gamer and lover of anime, William is intent upon building a successful career in animated voice-overs and motion capture alongside traditional stage and screen opportunities. To complete this triple threat, William has a beautiful baritone singing voice and would be an asset to any West End Musical.

Spotlight PIN: 9498-5617-0116

Gender: Male
Playing age: 25-35 years
Height: 5'6" (168cm)
Nationalities: British
Memberships: Equity
Appearance: White, Mediterranean
Eye colour: Hazel
Hair colour: Dark Brown

Equity Member




UNIVERSE WITHOUT YOU (Short Film) Will University of Sussex Shu Tian
LANDMINES (Stage) Taylor/Extra/Alexi/Ty ACT Mark Carroll
THE ALCHEMIST (Stage) Pertinax Surly ACT Paul Tripp

Graduate Showcase 2021

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